Hi, I am Learning to play the Solo to The Poison by Bullet for my Valentine, If you have never heard the song but are still willing to help heres link to A youtube version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgrgAHwJ_NQ&feature=related

The solo begins at 1:45

I am hoping for help with 2 aspects:

First if someone would be able to help me, I am unsure of how to finger a particular section, more specifically 1:51 on that video link.

I am pretty sure the tab looks like this :



-------16----16---- x4




But how would someone suggest to play it, Would you form your fingers into a Chord and just pick, or individually fret each note as you come to it, if the second then how would you finger it.

I can play the rest fairly well, its this part thats killing me, its really fast and i can't get it to sound right.

Also, would anybody be able to help me set a tone to achieve the right sound, I have a Zoom Gfx 4, Jackson Warrior and a roland cube x18 amp