MultiEffects for 150 euros($180)??

Style:Metal(what i play most), Rock, Fusion

I need good metal,distorted sound, and wah to be great with high gain. .
Cleans, chorus also to be good..

I am thinking of Digitech RP250..tell me your ideas!

EDIT: I will play through PC
Quote by clyne39

out of my budget. . .150 on internet, 200 on the dealer. .
Here's a very good option if you´re not needing amp simulation:


This one's pretty nice also... BTW the price depends from where in EU are you (in this shop):


I would also check this one as well, the Extreme Dist. is damm good for metal. And also has some nice cleans on it:


The prices vary a little depending on wich country in the EU you're ordering from.
It will be hard to find a good MFX for that amount of money. The ME20 would indeed be your best bet, but good luck finding it under 150 euros, if not online...