Hi guys, I'm getting an Orange Tiny Terror for/after Christmas (depends on my luck.. fingers crossed), and I was planning on getting an orange wheat Avatar 2x12 with Celestion Greenbacks, but then I realized it doesn't ship to Europe. Is there a cheap, quality cabinet manufacturer that ships to Norway?

Thanks in advance.
I am not sure to be honest, but you might want to look at lopoline.com They make quality cabs without speakers so you would just have to buy the speakers you want and put them in.

Edit: I just checked the website and they should ship to Norway since the checkout option makes you selct which country you want. Norway is included in the little dropdown box for countries so I would assume they will ship there. MIght be a bit pricey to ship a cab overseas, but it will still probably be you best, cost effective option for a good cab.
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Turned out it would cost more than the head (including speakers)... I guess I'll just buy locally at sky-high prices (maybe go down to 1x12)
tube town (based in germany) are meant to be quite nice, but i haven't tried them. you could maybe try matamp or martamp too (again, haven't tried).

Not much help, sorry, just giving you a few more options.
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Doesn't Vader ship to Europe now?
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Could look on thomman
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They should ship to Norway. I haven't bought anyhting from them, but from what I've heard it's great. I think the warehouse is in Germany.

If you want pretty cheap, go with Framus. My 2x12 cab cost right under 300€ and it really is awesome.
Thanks! I've heard Vintage 30's are awesome aswell, and it looks decent (I can always switch out the tolex for orange if I want to sometime in the future anyway )
Thanks to everybody for trying aswell.
Look at the thomann Harley benton G212 Vintage

Its a 2x12 loaded with vintage 30s
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