hi i have a elec guitar and i wanna play a song but i could'n't find a good tab and a friend had a good one but that was on guitair pro but i cant find a good way to download it without paying plz help i wanna play this song

already thanks for the help
there some thing called Tuxguitar, it plays guitar pro and i belive its free, but it doesnt have the RSE feature like guitar pro does so it sounds weird.

i would buy guitar pro its worth it!!
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You can download a free trial of Guitar Pro, which lasts for 30 days
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oke ty i shall try that tuxguitair and if that doesn.t work i shal download the free trail p.s. if the trial ends can i download it again???
^You can download it again but you can use it for 30 days for just ONE time due to registry information.
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