I liked it,, good upbeat metalcore, just as good as some of the signed bands out there however i would reccomend putting in some shred type solos or lead lines. Apart from that its all good.
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

Rate my playing skills please.

First song.
The only thing I didnt like is the tone of the guitars but the playing was good even if it looks like it was repetitive. The scream are ok but not my fav. The ending was awsome

Sec song.
Same for clean vocals. Scream were better in this one. I still dont like the tone of the guitars but playing is still nice. Less repetitive to me then the 1st.


The 2nd song was better, everything in general is good except the tone (no offence). I had doubts at the beginning I was like "WTF a girl in a metalcore band" but it was good.
Some solos would be nice too
Thanks for listening and your comments! We've got around 7 songs more ready for recording. So next demo is gonna be out within 3 months!

And when it comes to guitar solos there are gonna be on the next demo! We just happened to record sololess songs for our first demo!

Feel free to spread the word, if you enjoyed it! Thanks once more!