I'm after some epiphone pickups (bridge and neck) out of any standard epiphone guitar. PM me and we can discuss the price.

i have black uncovered ones from my dot
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Hi, thanks for the offer but I'd prefer chrome, covered pickups. I apologise for not mentioning this in the first place. Oh yeah, and I'm willing to buy from American sellers so please don't be put off by that.
I'd sell the '57 clones out of my old Epi 335 (chrome covers) for $30, and we can work on that price - I'll help a little with shipping (it's the holidays!). E-mail me @ itsjerod@yahoo.com
I have some gold Epiphone pickups that I took out of my Les paul custom
i have two chrome covered epi stock pups from my G-400 that are even in pup cases (the seymour duncan ones that my JB and Jazz came in), if interested.
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