how did you learn to tune a guitar.

did it take long to get good at it
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It took me about 4 months to learn the sound of the E note by ear, and then after that tuning became easy.

If you know the sound of the E string, you can tune every other string.
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Ive alwaysed used a tuner. But im starting to tune by ear a little more. it takes some time.
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ive still not got it mastered.. the hard part is getting the first string right, for me its bottom E, after ive got that i just use a familiar riff to get the other strings relatively tuned
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Well, after nearly 3.5 years of playing, I've almost got perfect pitch. So, about 3 years and you're good!

But for a single string, best training you could probably do is use a tuner, tune it perfectly, and just memorize that sound. Could probably also de-tune it some, and see if you can tune it back to perfection.

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I can usually tell if my guitar is out of tune but I generally need a tuner to get the E string in tune. then I can do the rest by ear.
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I can use my ears all the time to tune, even when tuning after changing strings...

... but always ends up half a step down (Eb)..

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I still can't do it right. Of course I never took the initiative to do it because I've always used a tuner. But I can somewhat tune it right. It took me a while to listen to the overtones (I think that's what it is) and not the timbre of the strings.
Get the low E (6th string) in tune, its relatively simple from there on in. Just keep playing that E note constantly for 10 minutes every day. Youll eventually be able to recall that E in seconds making everything a hell of a lot easier. Play a natural harmonic on the 5th fret on the E string, and one on the 7th fret on the A string. the sound should wobble slightly. Adjust the tuning of the a string until the sound stops wobbling. Now these 2 strings are in tune to eachother. I usually do this, and then the 5th fret = next string method for the rest (bar the B string obv), and then check everything with a tuner.

Not using the tuner to tune, but to check the tuning is a good way to practice, as you really dont want to rely on it all of the time. Try and get the E in tune, then check. if its not, adjust it, and try with the A string. keep doing this for a few months and youll be awesome at tuning.
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It's damn near impossible to tune a Floyd Rose equipped guitar just by the E string (unless you have true perfect pitch), so I use a tuner. I can tune a hardtail by ear, but it takes a while lol.
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EDIT: v you have the same colour guitar as I do! E-High five!

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on topic: I still find that using a good tuner is usually more reliable than tuning by ear. or at least double check with one.
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I use a tuner. Seriously, perfect pitch is no excuse to not use a tuner every chance you get (at least if your playing with other people)
If i am in a hurry and have it at hand i use a tuner, otherwise i know the sweet sound of the high E on my squier like nothing else hehe, the rest just comes up after that. :3
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