What full setup do u think would give me the most BA Tone for Punk, Metal Hard rock for $1000 tops

You can also fantisize a bit about your dream rig!
There are threads like this around im sure.

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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
The weight. In your price range you can't really get much better than Carvin. Extremely versatile, really cheap, really high quality. I suggest the BX600 and matching 4x10 to go with it.
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
A 1000 tops, if you keep scanning ebay youyll be able to pick up an ampeg cl for sure for less than that. Thats like the punk king, then save a bit more and buy a second hand 8x10, what more you could you want. Something lighter, easier to maintain. Go try out all the amps you can, your idea of the tone you want is most likely completly different from mine.
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A Carvin amp will give you the best amp for the money, and will be able to do just about anything you want. I have the rig Fleajr mentioned, and it's pretty B/A, let me tell you.

Another good option for punk would be Ashdown. They have an Ampeg-ish tone that would work well with that style, though you won't get as much for the money. They're still better than most in the price range, though.

Also, like fatgoogle said, ebay is a useful tool. Look for Ampeg and old Peavey stuff.
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Splitter box
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Send the other signal to the other rig for the clean tone.
Blend both signals together.


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