THat have bass, which is audible, and that isnt slap or pop, and has to be metal.I want to see how the sound of a low note played on abss contributes to the heavyiness of a song.

Also, metal bassists usually use litle distortion, when they have solos, it sounds... classical, clean.. How do they sound heavy with no distortion..?
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Pretty much any Iron Maiden song, and Take This Life by In Flames has a pretty audible grinding bass.
well depending on the mix of the track, the bass is usually the key part of how heavy a song is. Listen to Aesthetics of Hate by Machine Head and compare the guitar riff with no bass to when it's played with the bass. Other than that id suggest staying away from modern metalcore as the guitars are the key parts in that, and listen to more classic/thrash metal like Machine Head, Pantera, St.Anger era Metallica etc
Dream Theater. Listen to the Train of Thought album especially. Aaand the intro to As I Am.
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