thanks mate, it was literally a 10 minute thing and i had to play all the instruments, ill do a mix when ive had my mcdonalds
Haha this is great. The snapping is awesome in the "Now they do" part. Drums aren't so great , they kind of go off a number of times but overall they wrok. Mix is kind of flat (NVM you said you'd get to that). Vocals are kind of dry, the preformance is fine but a touch of reverb and some EQ for the bass to get rid of th plosives would do wonders. This is great, you should do more covers like this.

C4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1026388
alright remixed that a bit i need a condenser mic for vocals and also have latency problems with the drums.
lol, good job.
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Awesome! so cool! a little EQ would be good but im just being nitpicky
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Awesome! so cool! a little EQ would be good but im just being nitpicky

i know need to get my **** together i only have 1 speaker..have latency issues and dont have condenser. That means fizzy vocals, can hear everything im doing right and drums are out of time. now the file is gone because i got a virus on cubase...

i actually hate recording but i have to do it.
Really good overall, great Idea, I started doing something like thsi with crazy train but only got a few bars into it then got distracted.

I thought the drum track needed work, some parts didn't fit, and I thought they were a bit too intrusive for jazz drums.

Also, I think the riffs should be jazzed up a little more, rather than just using the Dm7 chord and then single notes, maybe a few more jazzy chords.

Vocals were great, bass was great, solo was good, loved the "now you do what they told ya" bits. Loved the scatting as well.

Overall, its great already but with a bit of work it could be perfect.

Care to listen to this - its not a cover btw. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1026359
will do man...as explained drums have latency problems..i am a pro drummer (well teacher) need to think of the chord changes for this but ill need to redo the whole tune as lost the original.
i lol'd so hard...the fricken drums kept getting off it seemed...but lol

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