Yes another which one thread.But you guys are like the only ones who can help.
So i got tired of my Laney LX65R distortion (not heavy enough).Im saving up for a guitar also.But i decided to buy a distortion pedal to have a nice death'y kind of sound so it would sound better than my Laney LX65R (more brutual),Peavey Valveking 112 (More everything).Im choosing betwen Digitech Death Metal,Digitech Metal Master,Boss Metal Zone.Which one?
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If you're not a tone freak and you just want a lot of distortion then any of those pedals will get the job done for you...

However, if you're looking for good tone then stray away from cheap distortion pedals such as those - you need to go for the pricier ones such as the SD Twin Mayhem or the Damage Control Demonizer like WTF said.
if you want to make an amp brutal without destroying its tone, you shouldnt get a metal zone or something like that. get an OD pedal to boost the amp's gain

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