I have the rack version of the decimator and it's always done a great job of cleanin up my signal with all the amps ive had. I recently got a 5150 and a different guitar with EMG'S and i put a tubescreamer in front. i have the drive on the tubescreamer almost all the way turned down and the gain on the head pretty low (around 3-4). but i have to turn the decimator threshold up about 3/4 of the way to keep it from feeding back while playing, and when i do palm mutes or harmonics they cut out really quickly and theres no sustain. With every other head ive had i just needed to have the decimator threshold about halfway up and id have no feedback and still a load of sustain. If anyone has any suggestions please help me out, thanks!
how close are you standing to the amp, and how loud is it? i have all the above equipment, i can probably offer some help...i personally was never a fan of EMG's because no matter what model pickup or what guitar i had them in i've always had problems with feedback
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Usually around 10 feet or so away. the volume on my 5150 opens up at around 3 or so and i usually have it around 3 or 4. i play a lot of quick picking and staccato stuff and when i mute the strings while playing it always makes a quick squealing sound. but once i turn the threshold high enough to cut that out i get no sustain and my palm mutes die out almost immediately.
I actually had your problem for a second. I retubed my amp with some brand name tubes and it just completely went away. Really weird. Sorry that's the best info I got for you but it really did work.
i was thinking it had to do with the power tubes maybe, because they seem kinda weak to me. most 5150s/6505s ive played on get REALLY loud around 2 or so on the post gain and mine doesnt get that loud til im at around 4 or 5 on mine, could that be the tubes as well?
yes that could be the tubes, get some new ones and check back with us
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the gain at 3-4 on a 5150 is like having it at 6-7 on most heads. so with EMG's and a tubescreamer, its no suprise that your getting tons of feedback.

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If it's a regular 5150 then it has a low gain input, try that instead of the high input.
I would also try swapping some preamp tubes. Particularly the V1 and lead channel gain spot.
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yeah dude i would switch your toobs.
my head is playable no louder then 2 in my bedroom, and i havent put it past 5 at a gig, that was a gig with 1000 people and was outside too....its gotta be your tubes

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