Ok well for this ill just use Sweet Child o Mines intro riff. I can master it every time stitting down, sometimes without looking at the neck or even my picking hand. However i just can't play standing up, i can't play anything. I think its kinda necessary if i'm gonna gig one day they wont wanna see me sitting down. Even when i look i stil mess up standing. So help me UG, how do i stand up and play.

Short version: i can't play guitar standing up.
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well, this is what you do, you stand up and start playing slow and soon enough, playing standing up will be almost second nature to you

short answer: practice
Start practicing standing up, you just have to get used to it.
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raise your strat higher aswell so your arms arent as stretched
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theres a guy on here that made a video about correct posture and things like that. is your strap really low are you trying to look cool? your wrist should be bend foward if it is your strap is to low if youpick with your right hand then playing your guitar on yoru left leg would be more like standing up. i got all this from someone on UG theres a video somewhere i think. just praticing it with correct posture and standing up with the strap where it should be you should get it. just take it slow. most importantly RELAX
always play standing up. dont have your strap set too low.
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I always play songs standing.
I only practise them sitting, but I stand sometimes too.
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Perhaps you should adjust your strap. It might be too low, or too high. I had this same problem, but then I adjusted my strap to a comfortable position and now I can play standing up just fine.
lol I'm completely opposite. I only play standing and i can't really play anything well sitting down.
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sit down, get comfortable, adjust your strap so it is taking some of the load.

now stand up. your guitar should be in about the same position as sitting (and therefore NO PROBLEMO SENOR???)
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You know what I did wrong the first time I tried to play standing up? I didn't support the neck enough. The correct way is to tilt the neck up towards you and make sure the strap is tight. Works like a charm. Usually it's also easier to play the notes near 12th fret, 13th etc standing up, so maybe you should try that song in higher frets?
If you want to look "cool" and play with your guitar lower (as in covering your crotch), but you can't play standing up for s***, then practice (there's that word again on this thread!) standing up, but just start by tightening the strap so your guitar is ridiculously high.

Once you feel comfortable enough playing like that and it's just as easy as playing sitting down, adjust your strap so your guitar is a little lower and then lather, rinse, repeat, blahblahblah.

Doing that really helped me though. I had the same problem with playing standing up, mostly because half of my playing career consisted of classical guitar, and I never stood up for that obviously...
i got the same problem. I have trouble playing standing up. It seems that i cant reach the guitar or keep up with the music. But lately, im getting used to. I think if you see yourself in a mirror it will help.