hey, first of all I'm a n00b to recording (especially MIDI), so please don't use the really technical terms etc
anyways, I have a Roland UA25, Sonar LE and a Yamaha DTXPress 3. I can record, however, there is absolutely NO sound whenever I play it back I habe tried pretty much all that I know (which isn't a lot tbh ). Any help would be much appreciated. I'm due to record some drum tracks for my band on monday, and I would much rather record MIDI instead of audio.

EDIT: would this be because I havnt selected the correct outputs?? just a thought
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Run a MIDI in and out cable to your drum module
Create a MIDI track in sonar and set it to the inputs and outputs of the interface.
You can then play back this MIDI track which will send the data to the module causing it to play back.

If you have a VSTi in sonar LE such as Session Drummer, you can route the data to that and out to a new Audio track which will play the virtual instrument software.

You can also setup to trigger the software in real time as you play the pads.

It's all a matter of making the settings, once you get that down it should work great.

Check out Tweaks Guide in my sig. That should give you a good understanding on how MIDI works.
midi is data signal, not sound signal. so when you record midi input, it is recording the notes you hit, the velocity at which you hit it, the position of the sustaining pedal... so it records essentially sheet music.

for sound to come from the MIDI recording, you would then need to either send the recorded midi signal to external hardware with MIDI (digital piano/synth) and then record the audio signal coming from that
you can do that through the computer by applying an instrument sound to the track with a plugin.