So today I landed an Ibanez RG170 (I know its not the greatest in the RG series, but it plays nice and has a great feel and action) for $75... It has a nice maple fretboard on it and has a pretty good sound from the stock pickups, but Im looking at putting in DiMarzio Evo's into the humbucker spots but I dont know what kind of single coil would go good with those two buckers... Any help?
I play neo-classical progressive rock/metal stuff... Kinda like Vai meets TSO?.. But Im still shopping for an amp, but am leaning towards either the Spider Valve or a ValveKing 112...
Well the thing is that I played it on both amps that Im looking at and neither amp gave a decent sound from just the middle single coil... So I know that it will need to be upgraded. I just dont want to wait until after I have my amp to go in and get the pickups replaced then... I would like to have it done so when I get my amp I can just plug in and go and not have to worry about it.
I did the pickup picker thing on DiMarzio's website and the ones they said to take a look at where the Area '61, the YJM, and the Virtual Solo... What do yall think?