Does anyone have tabs for sweep picking shapes or exercises I could have because I am learning to sweep pick at the moment and I would appreciate some shapes to practice with.


Btw I wasn't sure where this thread should go either
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I think there are some lessons here on UG.
Some videos too mabye, I think I've seen some of them.
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Also, this shouldn't really be in "Guitar and Bass Basics".

It's an advanced technique.

thats my favourite sweep pattern usually in a harmonic minor key
i practice it going up the neck one fret each time
hey! don't have much sweeping stuff for you :/ but! check out some of songs that you like, find the tab here on UG, set a metronome, and take out the sweep and practice it and thanks metallucas, i'll try that one as well i was just getting into harmonic minor ^^
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Try making some arpeggios using some basic chords yourself. That way you can not only help yourself technically, but in theory as well.