Hi everyone.
I want some help and information.
I have a 1995 Jackson Professional s-s-h with original Floyd Rose tremolo and i want to put some Seymour Duncan pickups and i want some opinions for the set.
what kind of pickups do you recommend me?

I play Metal and Hard Rock.(Metallica,Megadeth,Maiden, etc)

Thanks for your help .
what's your amp, and what about your tone do you want to change?
right now im thinking DiMarzio Super Distortion and PAF Pro
My amp is marshall 8100 valvesate with a 2x12 150w cab.
But I really want Seymour Duncan ;D.
Gimme opinions for the two singles and the humbucker .
why does it have to be Duncan? And i don't really think you would benefit much from new pups
1st because i really enjoy Duncan.
and 2nd because i have a BIG discount if they are Duncan..hehe.