At home, bored, no plans tonight, I'm a loser, and I'm about to get ready for #3

I dunno if I'll have enough left in me to do 6 times tho
A mate of mine managed 17 in 24 hours.

I'm sure you can manage 6.

I can never be bothered past about 2 though..
probably if you make it to 6 you'll feel it but nothing would come out, saving up for a week or two then trying to do 6 makes sense though.

btw, dont cum blood
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.. You are the man.

RIP Dime RIP Michael Jackson
Fantasise about me for the 6th attempt.
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I challenge you to the rest being dry-whacks. Thats right, NO LUBE!!!
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What do you mean 6 times? Like 6 orgasms or like 6 separate wanking occasions?
Ive had days like that before...when you have nothing to do but beat your meat
When you're finished for the night...you'll regret it

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Does it hurt? And what are you fapping to?

It does not hurt. I'm trying to wait at least 2 hours in between each session.

I'm just jacking it to videos, pics, myspaces, girls at school etc etc
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Who do you look at while going for 6 times, men or women?
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My record is 6 lol.

That was a sad day......
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Can't we all just get a bong?