so guys i have a question about hard cases. i like how they protect your guitar better, but i cant find one made for my guitar. (ashland by crafter) its an electric that is roughly strat shaped. it is a lot pointier on the tips and has a different head. can you suggest a case for me to get. i want to spend under a hudred on it.
just get a general guitar hard case. they make ones that fit all most every guitar. find a case that fits an ibanez and i bet it fits yours
i know my strat-style case has extensions on the horns. so maybe a regular strat case would work. if you can take your guitar to a store and try cases out, thats what i would recommend. or they have the ones like this that are just a kinda square section so most stuff will fit.
yeah i would rather have one that cradles the guitar. i love the thing to death and it got dented in my gig bag so i want a hard case. ill ask my local shop of they have any strat hard cases. yeah i will eventually find one. thanks guys.