My christmas money has come already, and I am torn

first off, i've never really tried the boss dd-20, but i just want some first opinions from others

I just played a DL4 a few days ago and it was AWESOME
the sweep echos and looping and everything sounded good in my opinion, and there were so many cool things i could do with it
my only issue is that i hear stories and read reviews all the time where people say that it breaks really easily or unexpectedly. some reviewers say that theirs works fine, but the majority rules in favor of the broken reviews

some people prefer the dd-20, but that looks a lot more complicated, and does it have presets like the DL4? or do i only get the choice of one delay sound out of all the features?

please help me decide on these 2
Boss is extremely reliable. Line 6 is responsible for the Spider III. There's no contest!
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Boss is extremely reliable. Line 6 is responsible for the Spider III. There's no contest!

Yeah, because they've made one bad line everything they've done is terrible.

A lot of top names use Line 6 pedals and modulators.

Try out the Boss, you got any near you?
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these people have no idea what they are talking about, they just parrot information and bash line 6 because the spider sucks (which it does)

they do make some good products. not too long ago i had the same question (DD_20 or DL4) and IMO line 6 beat it out. It has been 100% reliable ever since and i am completely happy with my purchase

IMO boss makes cheap sounding, tonesucking pedals
The DL4 is true bypass by the way

just my two cents, good luck in your choice, but dont listen to people like the ones above me that bash products before even trying them out
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FYI i was ****ng around with these pedals las week and the line 6 sonded like Kirby raping a donkey



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^Then you were doing it wrong. The DL4 is one of the best digital stompbox delays there is.


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^ I agree.

The DL4 sounds great!
I've never been too impressed with Boss fx...

The Line6 delay is great, lots of sounds to choose from, heck even their Echopark is decent, which I believe is modeled after the DL4.
line 6's high end stuff is very nice modeling shizz. boss's specialty to me is mostly cheaper pedals. so i say DL-4 FTW!

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