Hey guys, I'm just composing a standard 12 bar blues song, and recording it with a metronome, and I'm wondering what tempo to play at. I'm curious what are some standard tempos for blues. I know it should be whatever sounds good, but sometimes its hard to tell when you are trying to adjust within 3bpm to get the right tempo. I figured I would go with a "standard" tempo, if there is a such thing, between 65 and 70 bpm.
Of course, I can figure out the general tempo, but I'm unsure bpm wise.
theres very fast 12-bar blues, very slow 12-bar blues, and everything else in the middle. There is no set or standard tempo.
Don't focus on making the blues out to be an exact science. Just get a good groove going that feels right to you. I'm sure actually listening to the blues would help too...
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