I know this will not recieve any literary fame but i am so pleased ,so i had to share.
I've been a UG member for quite sometime and i have enjoyed the tabs first then i found this forum which has started me writing again.(I used to write poetry years ago)
Over the last week I have churned out some lines trying to get to a song but they have been just that 'lines'
but at last something has clicked
please read,its by no means finished (and may be crap) but i will explain.

As I sit here
I wonder where I'm from
Am I accepted
Do I really belong
Well this is new to me
A life I've never known
And you being true to me
Giving me this home

I wanna hold you

Like never before

Really wanna hold you close

Till you need no more


And when you look
real close
I know you see who I am
And when you look
Real close
I know that I'm your man

Right I know its cheesy but the reason i'm so happy is i've recorded myself singing it (on my phone) and it works as a song. The words don't really matter so much(just to me),its just that when i sing it it sounds like a song.I know it's just the first part but for the first time I can see a place to build from.
Thanks for looking

any replies would be greatfully recieved.

Pop rock FTW. Its got structure and hooks. I like it, you shoud write more often.
Quote by PopPunkPotHead
Pop rock FTW. Its got structure and hooks. I like it, you shoud write more often.

Thanks sohooo much
I would have finished it anyway but but I was expecting to be shot down for the fact it is very POP rock.

cheers and I'm bubbling with enthusiasm.

many more too come(I hope)
It works, and doesn't suck, what more could you possibly ask for? ha ha, it really is quite good, and I did enjoy reading it, fantastic work for someone who hasn't written in a very long time! if you could have a look at "twelve walls" for me, the links in my sig but again, very nice work!