Okay, so I'm building a removable killswitch for guitar and I was wondering if there was a push to break switch that acted like a toggle switch? I know I'm not explaining this very well so I drew the folowing image:

(a) is a three way toggle switch and (b) is the component in question.
When the top line is selected, component (b) is a push to break switch; but when the middle line is selected, component (b) is a push to make switch. The botom line bypasses all of this.

I could achieve this with two switches, but this is alot more convienient and takes up less space. If you need more info, just ask.

Thanks in advance
you could just do this:

using two on-on DPDT switches.

edit: the first being a toggle switch, most likely, to select whether pushing the second switch (momentary button) kills the signal, or if the signal path is broken until the second is pressed.
Instead of having a third position on the switch to have the signal go through, just have the first switch in the position that kills the signal when the 2nd button's pressed, and just dont press the second button
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