ok well i've been playing guitar for about a year and a half and i'm looking to buy a new guitar. the current guitar i own now is a behringer piece o' crap, that i got as a first guitar in a value package for christmas two years ago. anywho, i was wondering which guitar i should get that would best suit my playing styles. im getting an electric and im gonna spend around $200-$400. I play usually punk rock, some metal, and alternative rock. my brother recommends an Epiphone G310 for $250, but idk if it would fit my style. (i don't really want to get a strat or les paul, cause i don't really like the look of them, and pretty much every other guitar player has a strat or les paul), so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
epi g-400 sg...300 for the vintage and 350 for the normal both the same tho
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I would look into some of the ESP/LTD stuff. Look at the Vipers (which look like an sg) or one of the Eclipse models (even though you wanted to stay away from a LP body style).
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