So I came across this bass while I was looking at different models:
Ive never heard of this company, could anyone shed some light on this model for me? It caught my interest, but Im really bad with specs. Obviously I cant try it out, but the price leads me to believe that it cant be amazing. Is there something Im missing here or it just crappy?
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I really want to say I saw a band with a bass player using one of these...
It was nice from what I heard, but he was not very good

Honestly, You should only buy something that you know you will like. Taking a risk on a bass that might suck is not really worth it
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well if you had to ask this question. i really do think your doubting its quality
from the get go
the fact that its a no name brand is never a good idea
you cant put a price on quality
but it really depends on where your at with your music
are you skilled enough to have a quality bass
or are you just starting out

to be truthful im not sure on johnson bass guitars
but my little cousin has a johnson electric
and it is pretty poor
but its good for him because hes 12 and just learning at school
i had a johnson electric guitar as my first guitar. was a b-day present from my mom. it's alright to start out with but you'd want to move on after you've developed your playing technique. bass wise i wouldn't know how it fares so give it some thought and try one out before you rush into buying it.
Johnson make OK starter basses. A lot of people buy them to modify (like SXs in America). I've noticed a few people making decent jazz/p bass copies from them. They're meant to be very sturdy instruments. They are labelled as having "EMG" pickups", when in reality it says "EMG (style) PICKUPS!" lol.

They are related in some way to the AXL guitar company.

Axl Website

Maybe check that website out incase they have info on them?

I don't know about that model however. but I know of the company.

....I Hope to God its the same Johnson..lol.
From what I've seen, Johnson started out making cheap Fender copies and Squier-esque starter amps, but have since moved upscale a bit. (ok, a lot) Their new stuff looks very solid. Their acoustic basses in particular look well-designed, but I've never played one.

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i have a johnson j-bass copy.

it's ok, the bridge pickup poles arent conected to the cover anymore.
and it's pretty heavy
and it have fret buzz when i try to lower the action

ok it's not good.