I was having a discussion with a guitarist and a drummer friend of mine about those little tidbits of music that everyone recognizes but that aren't that well documented.

I was thinking of putting together a collection of tabs for those unidentifiable sounds/songs that no one knows the name of, but that when played are instantly recognized.

For example, drummers have the drum roll for suspense, or the "Bah dum dum chhhh" after the punchline of a joke.

For us axe-wielders, there are a few little ditties that I can think of, for example the cheesy 70's porn guitar riffs, or the "bow chika wow wow" that follows an innuendous statement.

Just for fun (and to add to the repetoire of guitarist party tricks) what other things can you guys come up with/include tabs for?
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smke on the water?

yeah, enter sandman, master of puppets, uh...down with the sickness, iron man, sweet home alabama, stairway to heaven
EDIT: Mission Impossible Theme..dun dun dun dun-dun-dun..do-do-do, do-do-doooooo do, also that song that goe..What is love?, baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more
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first 4 notes of marvin gays "lets get it on"

gets the trick done every time ;P
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sweet home ala........blah blah blah....everyone knows them.....

Edit: re-read.

james bond theme (very easy)

Movie theme's are popular! and also funny!
The Final Countdown FTW

or Dueling Banjos, so much ****ing fun to play
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Da, da da, da da daaaaa, da, da da da-da. Da, da da, da da da, daaaaa, da da da-da.

Anyone know that? It's been bugging me all day.

Sorry to thread jack.......

To contribute, Smells Like teen Spirit.
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Shredding. Anyone knows shredding when they hear it.
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Thats not thread jacking, thats exactly what I'm talking about.

I mean, everyone knows the songs like stairway to heaven (can't believe no one else mentioned that), I mean those nameless strings of notes that instantly evoke an idea or a memory.

It may help if you give the context for the da, da da, da da da, etc...
Listened to it today, I heard only the first guitar riff. (as stated above) Heard it on a local rock station.

Sort of sounds like ZZ-Top...

I tried it online at songtapper and got the Mississippi Fight Song and We are the Champions.
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if its the one im thinking of then its the ending of a Metallica song. not sure wich one though cuz ive only heard it 3 or 4 times.
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that little chinese song stuff

James Bond theme.
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