Hi guys,
I looked in the other thread, but it's mostly dreadnoughts. I'm looking for something like Orchestra/Concert body guitar (I guess Folk body, too?).

I'm considering the Yamaha FS720S .. and the Takamine GS430S.

But one is solid spruce, and the other is solid cedar. I plan on doing mostly strumming/vocal accompaniment. John Mayer..Jack Johnson ..Jason Mraz kind of tunes. For the Tak, I'm not too sure I like the NEX body so much.

I would appreciate other recommendations (which would fit my style better..)

Is the Fender GC23S any good? It's pretty cheap, and it has solid top with a concert body.. I dunno..



maybe Fender?.. I heard their acoustics suck, though

Any other guitars you would recommend?

I'm really considering the FS720S.. But what really bothers me is that for about $20 more, I can get the FG730S (dreadnought). The 720 is nato, while the 730 is rosewood. But since they're both laminated back and sides, the extra $20 doesn't really matter right?
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it does matter .. nato is similar to mahogany as far as soundwise goes .. the laminate rosewood will give you more of a low end bass thump to your chest which i personally love .. if u really have your heart set on a concert/folk body guitar then i suggest the takamine as the cedar top will give you a very warm crisp sound which is great for singing along with .. i personally love the fg730s .. i had one and i couldnt find a flaw on it .. but dreadnoughts are what i like
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