if i get a line 6 guitar port riff tracker, when i record riffs or songs will it be enough to hold up in court if i feel someone has copyed my music, like if i hear a famous song that has the same riff i made up couple years ago, thanks for the help.
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No, unless you publish it before they do.
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I'm willing to bet it's all about who scurries off to the patent office first, the courts are very cut and dry on who's "intellectual property" a song is
You have to actually copyright something, which involves writing out the music and providing an audio copy and then paying a buttload of money.
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If it's heard by the better known, signed band, there's not much you can do. Take them to court by all means but you'll be competing against lawyers with years of experience, not to mention at least handling three or four of them.
no, you have to register your copyright with the proper agency in your country.
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