Hey UG,

Ive been playing for half a year and I've progressed alright. I practice for at least an hour and a half a day and im trying to slowly start practicing more and more. Two days ago I started trying to learn Last Resort by Papa Roach.

What Im noticing now is that my left hand works miles upon miles ahead of my right hand O_O. I can immediately play the song (just needed some time to memorize it) with my left hand getting all the fret work down instantly, but my right hand cant keep up.

Any tips for what I can do to speed my righty up? I started doing this exercise where I would alternate pick on one string 4 open notes and then play fret 15 on the string, and then continue that process till I get to 1. Then I continue that on the other strings, to try and boost my picking speed and accuracy.

Anything else I could try?
Thanks guys!
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SLOW DOWN until you can play it perfectly, no mistakes. Then, continue practising at that speed until you feel you can get both hands synchronised at speed. If you can't then, slow it down again and keep practising.

Also, use a metronome.
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That's exactly what I was thinking. And if you don't happen to have a metronome at home, like me, there's a free one online you can use. Just google, "free metronome", and it will be the first result up there.
I'm kinda the opposite- Its takes two hands to tango. Go Slloooww then speed it up. Eventually your hands will equalize in skill
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