hey guys, like i said above, i need some advice. I'm making a song, (hard rockish), and i'm not sure if i should start the song off with a clean intro, and have a clean part in the middle of it or just have a clean part in the middle, or no clean at all... I would post the song on here but i don't know how to convert it and what not... the beginning is with a ds-1 distortion boss pedal that sounds like classic hard rock and its just 4 beats to a measure at the beginning, in d standard, the song being in c minor. Then after a minute or so it goes straight into heavy distortion w/ an mt-2 metal zone boss pedal, and its kind of hard to explain the beat, like i guess an open hit and 2 palm mutes and repeating with three open hits... kind of like "da-bum-bum-da-bum-bum-da-bum-bum-da" and switching, it's semi-fast and then after a minute it goes into the same kind of beat but double time, then after a minute it goes back into the semi-fast beat and ends... the intro has a solo/lead part and singing, the semi-fast beat and double time beat are connected solo's w/ no singing, and the end beat has no solo w/ singing. Any advice if/where i should put some clean stuff into the song? And also, how do you convert it so i can put it up on the web? (I use a crappy recording system, it's called Kristal).