i recently got an epiphone explorer that ive been planning on customizing. i have some ideas but i really dont know how the **** to do anything. anyway, here are my ideas...
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ill paint it a flat dark army green, like this car

maybe a flat black or rusted pickguard.
thats pretty much all ive got.

i need advice, and suggestions are very very much appreciated.
boooo chevy

you can usually get OD colors at lowes or home depot (military colors)

if that fails then you can do what i do and get tamiya model car/airplane paint. you can get any color/style you want from tamiya. but it will be pricey
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Go to your auto supply shop and look for Duplicolor Acrylic spraypaint. You can get the Acrylic sanding sealer/primer, colorcoat, and clearcoat cans for about $6/can ... I'm pretty sure they have that exact color.

Check the sticky on top to get a feel for what needs to be done. If you think you got it, re-read the tutorials 2 more times.