So, I've had a Line 6 Spider II and a Digitech RP250 as the only compnents to my guitar set up. Lately, I've been wanting a much chunkier, doomy tone (reminiscent of Sleep, Electric Wizard, etc.), but don't really know what I should be looking for. What would you guys suggest as a good starting point?

I have a Fender Stratocaster and an Ibanez RGR420EX, by the way.
stick with the RG and buy a used 6505+ head and a used mesa cab
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Stick with the Ibanez and look into the following amps:

1. ENGL Thunder
2. Peavey 6505+
3. Peavey XXX
4. Peavey Ultra
5. B-52 AT100
6. Randall RH50T
7. Mesa F100
8. Mesa DC10
9. Mesa .50 Cal

Most of those should be used. As for a cabinet look at Lopoline, Vader, Mesa and Avatar cabs.
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stay with the RG, grab yourself anything by peavey, mesa or bogner. a 212 combo will do you just the same as any half stack will. if you have any money leftover, mabey sell a few pieces of equipment you dont use and look at some different guitars. whatever you do, do not cheap out on an amplifier, in metal its all that really counts as long as you have some decent pickups
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agree on the whole 2 12 bit, it can get u the same sound as a half stack and its not nearly as heavy. plus, later on if u need more power, u can buy a cab and BAM u have 6 12s (like me!).
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The bugera 333s are really nice for the price.
My setup is around 1400$
ESP LTD ec-1000 deluxe (870$)
Bugera 333 120w head and 4x12 cab (650$)

I'm curious as to what cab you're using that cost $100.