It's not quite finished yet, but i just wanted to know what you guys thought of it so far.


somewhere along this bumpy ass path,
i feel i have lost everything i held dear,
though i may not be so great at doing the math,
all i have to do is look in the mirror.

as i walk through the halls of life,
i realize the mess everything has become,
as i sit here looking at that knife,
the memories of all the days makes me numb.

the feeling of abandonment is lurking,
the pain almost to great to control,
as my feelings begin to murk me,
i take that knife and stab a hole.

the pain is almost nothing,
the drugs giving me something,
bleeding inside and out,
i have no more things to doubt.

as i lay looking at what could have been,
there's one thing that i realize,
if it wasn't for all that sin,
i would have not made these lies.

losing strength, seeing colors,
aproaching hour, crying mothers,
feeling cold, seeing light,
one thing is for sure, i can stop the fight
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