Hey, all,

I've been thinking about fixing up my first guitar so that it's worth playing, lately. It's a Johnson strat copy that my parents bought me for christmas one year. The pickups aren't great, and the tuners are so bad that I can't use the tremolo at all.
I don't know a HUGE amount about tremolo systems or tuners. And I've heard that you can put a Floyd Rose locking nut on any guitar. If I was to put a locking nut on the guitar, would it manage to fix my guitar, or would I still have the problem?

Anything any of you can tell me is greatly appreciated.
It wouldnt go out of tune, but it wouldnt be in tune in the first place.
The locking nut will put the strings out of tune when you clamp it down. You could get some locking tuners instead though
I was thinking about that, too, but a locking nut is a lot cheaper, and I don't exactly have a lot of money.
In that case, I'll be saving up for locking tuners.
Again, thank you!
One more question, if anyone could answer:

Does anyone know anything about 'Golden Age Overwound Pickups'? I've gathered, at this point, that they're made by Stewart-MacDonald... but there aren't a lot of reviews on their site, and I'd like to have a few more opinions.
You cant use a locking nut without fine tuners on the bridge.

Stew macs golden age pups have a good rep as far s I know but I've never used them.

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Thank you!
In that case, I think I'm going to order a golden age for my bridge pickup and save some money so I can buy locking tuners.