Where can I find a case for a guitar with the shape of a Jackson RR?
I'm trying to find a universal one but I'm not sure where to get it. Anyone who has a guitar like that and it didn't have a case when you bought it, what case do you use?

What do you guys recommend?
jackson one??? dont have one but you can get a case that fist all the jackson models, but its like 300 bucks in AU
I wouldn't get a case unless you plan on taking the guitar on a plane, really. They are heavy, expensive and an absolute pain in the ass to lug around. A gig bag is the better (and cheaper!) option for most people.
I don't use my own case anymore because it's just so damn heavy and doesn't fit properly in the trunk of my car. I'm glad I got a gig bag.
Well, I don't have a problem with the weight of the case and I'm not interested on a gig bag, I want a case. I've dealt with both and I prefer the case.
So does anyone have any other suggestions?
SKB has a few universal models, but idk if they will fit a RR.
if nothin else, a coffin case (universal oversized one) will hold anything.
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