Alright, so I bought this Hartman Silicon Fuzz back in September. If you don't know, it's a clone of a BC108 Fuzz Face (early 70s- think Band Of Gypsys and Dark Side Of The Moon). It nails the sounds you'd expect it to, but I'm finding that in my own music I have no use for this pedal. There's a pic of it on my profile.

I'll let it go for $95 shipped- it's in practically new condition. You won't find a great sounding Fuzz Face this cheap anywhere.

I've had this Zakk Wylde Crybaby for about 4 years now... since back when I was in the mandatory noob guitarist "I wantz to playz teh br00talzzzzz!" mindset. If you're looking for a wah with a sweep huge enough to almost make your scooped mids cut through the mix, this is it. (Sorry, I couldn't resist) This thing also works as pretty well as a treble booster. I remember hearing that Kerry King uses one of these for that very reason.

I'll let this go for $80 shipped. It's a few years old like I said, but it works as good as it did when I first got it. It really is a good wah- it just doesn't fit my playing anymore.

I've also got some other stuff I'd trade if the right deal comes along:
I'd trade my MXR Carbon Copy (v1) for a Digitech Hardwire Delay/Looper.
I might part with my MXR Dyna Comp if you've got something cool.
This is a HUGE shot in the dark, but if you've got an Analogman Chorus, I'd trade my EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress+cash for it.
I'm also REALLY looking for an NKT275 Analogman Sun Face. If you've got one, and see some stuff you'd trade it for, let me know!

By the way, my desk at work is about 20 feet from the mailroom, so I can ship this stuff out pretty quickly...
Hey, I'm Mike.
Final bump, anyone have any offers at all? I'm really looking to get rid of these pedals, and I'll definitely consider anything. Prices are negotiable.
Hey, I'm Mike.