How Much was your Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal? The ones you can buy here are $369 aus... I thought this was a bit much, so if you could tell me how much yours was and where the money is valued.. like america or uk or what ever so i can convert it please.
They're not that expensive. The last time I saw, they ranged from 70 dollars to 120 dollars.
Go check 'em out at guitarcenter.com or ebay.com
get a Vox 874 wah
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Here in the US, the standar Model goes for about $70, while some higher end and Signature models get up to $120 or more.
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and i dont know wut 369 aus. is

sorry Im meant australian I just wrote it short.

its about $250 american to expensive i say.
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sorry Im meant australian I just wrote it short.

its about $250 american to expensive i say.

eh sorry to break it to you but thats life mate. australia will never be paying the same as the americans dollar for dollar and it definately aint going to be happening now. anyway i think i paid around $270 for the standard dunlop crybaby. but which model did you get?
but which model did you get?

oh i havent got one yet im savin up but im planning on getting just a standard cry baby wah (:
Dont bother with the standard unless you're going to mod it. Theres a Morley Classic wah on ebay for $130, that would be better.
ah those are alot cheaper! just had a quick check on kosmics website and they were going for $214 so it's not all that bad. (talking about the dunlop standard cry baby and not the morley wah here)
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