heyy looking for some relatively easy acoustic songs, something like Tommy Emmanuel, nothing too hard. i'm basically intermediate and looking to expand my genres
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lol Relativley easy... Tommy Emanuel hahaha your funny (:

just something similar man
i'm not too sure if you're looking something that sounds like tommy emmanuel, and/or something of relative difficulty? i wouldn't classify tommy emmanuel songs as "easy"....

i guess since he uses jazz and blues a lot, you can look into those genres. chet atkins influenced tommy, you can look into him.
"Day Tripper / Lady Madonna". The Tommy Emmanuel arrangement. It's not "hard", but it takes longer to pick up than other kinds of songs because it's very rhythmic.
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I always reccommend Andy Mckee, Antoine Dufour, Don Ross, or Craig D'Andrea. You can buy their tabs on Candyrat's website.

I only play Andy Mckee stuff so far so I could only reccommend certain songs from him to you.

I would say "Dreamcatcher" is the easiest of his songs. This was the first one I learned by him. Try it out!
if you are looking in the intermidiate range try some jose gonzales.
all his songs are just him on a guitar but a couple have a tambourine and stuff.
just look him up and you might find something
and a warning some of his songs are quite difficult

here are some others;
Taylor - Jack Johnson
just a boy - Angus and julia stone
i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
nobody puts baby in the corner - fallout boy
some pete murray?

hope that helps =)
good luck