I'm in search of a good solid combo amp with 2 channels. I've tried the Mesa Stiletto & Lonestar & the H&K Statesman 6L6 & EL84. None fit the bill. The Mesas are way too sizzly & high endy & the clean chgannels were too dirty & the H&K sounded sterile & transistor like.

Can anyone recommend a 2 channel 100 watt combo that has warm smooth distortion & a solid clean channel?
who do you need a combo?
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Quote by sacamano79
who do you need a combo?

I assume, you meant WHY? I need a small portable combo to take to rehersal so I don't have to lug around a 4x12 & an 8 space rack. Too heavy & cumbersome. I want a good solid tube combo with a great smooth warm distortion & a clean channel. So far, my search as been less than successful.
Peavey JSX combo
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You tried the lonestar and don't like the cleans? You're a first.

Look for a used mesa F series around your area to try it out (good luck though, it's discontinued).
what's your budget?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Peavey classic series or delta blues.
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