Well I saw a thread on lyrical masters, I thought we could use a thread on melodical masters.

As in, which writers out there that come up with the best vocal melodies?

Not how they sing it or their techniques or tone or anything like that. I mean the catchiest, most interest melodies that fit the lyrics well and are worthy of studying.

Bruce Dickinson
Fear of the dark

Fall out Boy
Thnks fr th mmrys (not their best, but one you'll all know)

Anything, but my favourites are I saw her standing there and daytripper

any others?
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Linkin Park imo. the vocals tend to be the most complex parts in a lot of their songs
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In Flames, especially their latest album. More subtle, refined melodies that after you hear, you can't get enough of.

Also, Steve Perry when he was in Journey.
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+1 to elliott smith, thom yorke, beatles and fall out boy. here are some more:
paul mccartney: here, there and everywhere, hey jude, maybe i'm amazed, eleanor rigby, honey pie, yesterday, almos anything
kevin barnes of of Montreal, really maybe not in terms of fitting the lyrics and melodies together, but he writes pretty catchy melodies: penelope, suffer for fashion, gronlandic edit, a sentence of sorts in kongsvinger, old familiar way, fun loving nun, neat little domestic life, jaques lamure, tulip baroo, the march of the gay parade, ANYTHING REALLY.
libertines have some good ones to: can't stand me now, boys in the band, up the bracket, time for heroes, the boy looked at johnny.
sonic youth too, though i have never actually "studied" their melodies, they use really weird tunings so its hard.
also pavement, mirah, bob dylan, neutral milk hotel, nirvana (srsly)
Matt Bellamy

Thom Yorke

both have amazing melodical masterpieces.

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