Looking to see what you think. I'm starting to get the hang of the software mastering. I know my voice sounds untrained... I have no formal lessons on any of my music, it's on my to-do list... but check it out anyway.

Acoustic version of Foo Fighters's Everlong

and a Van Halen classic: 316.

Check it out. Tell me what sucks.

Happy Holidays.
I tried so hard to find something to actually criticise in Everlong, and I couldn't, save for the fact that your voice hits the wrong notes occasionally. This is really impressive.

Agree with the guy above.
The guitar work is brilliant, well done!
If you do get end up getting vocal lessons, this could probably be a perfect cover
Everlong: Guitar is downright perfect, singing is a little off, but no biggie
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I'm with DeltaFunk
Same as above. Insane guitar work man. Good job. Check out my broken cover if u want.