This song is called "Second Piano"

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Wow i like this alot, it's very well written and all in all very cool. I actually think there are a lot of places you could take this song, i think it would sound really cool if it was rapped over, or with a rap/ hip hop beat behind it and a cool solo could fit in well but im not sure theres quite a bit going on here.

Very well done!

And thanks for the crit!
Listened to this before, didn't comment though. I liked it dude, the chord progression is good. Piano went well with the strings and accompanied that melody well. I think when the instruments come in at 1.03, it's too sudden. Pretty good overall, with some vocals it could be a very promising song
so i just woke up and this song is pretty much the perfect tune for the moment. Its got a really good feel to it, i especially liked where it switch to the acoustic for a bit, and then the piano kicks back in. Good stuff man.