Hi ... after failing to do this wiring job on my own, I thought i'd ask if anyone has done this mod or could point me to a diagram on the web. (looked but couldnt find). Id like to wire my strat with a olume pot for each pickup, no tone pots. I have a 3way switch (all parts) andlike the idea of setting the volume of each pickup and switching between them using the switch. Seems like an easy job but i messed it up royally.
Try posting this in the Ultimate Wiring Diagram Thread. You'll definitely get an answer in there.

Are you sure you just want a 3-way switch though? Would need to be on/on/on and mostly that is a/a+b/b switching? A 5-way would give more choices and you could still have individual volumes. They just go between the pickups and the switch btw
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this should help you
just hook each pickup up to it's indivdual knob, remove the caps on the tone pots and make them match your main volume pot (direct ground jump in place of the cap).
hook the pickups up, all grounds common, all positives to their individual pot (like the selector was once hooked to the original volume, the bottom prong in that picture)
then do what you will with the outputs (middle prong in the picture)
you could either hook them all up to once place then effectively make the selector switch a full kill switch, using your volume knobs to do the pickup selecting.
or you could wire the pots into the selector switch the way the pickups were wired in before, each to it's own prong.