Seeing as is it christmas I want to get myself some new guitar gear and what's on my list is a wah and a foot switch.

I've read the "What wha thread" but it actually is quite hard to find the best suitable wha for me by just reading there. That's why I want to get some help deciding what tog get.

I can start off by saying my current gear. An Ibanez RG321 and a Roland Cube 30X. What I play is mostly thrash metal as Metallica, Slayer but I also play some (try to play :P ) Vai and Satriani. Im also a huge fan of Iron Maiden. So I need a Wha that handles this kind of music really good. I have no set budget since I don't want any crap but at the same time I don't want to pay like 200 dollars for it either. So give me some good examples of what I could lookt at with my needs.

I would also need a foot switch so I can just switch between clean and Lead on my amp. What should I get? are they expensive?

Thanks in advance!
I'm not really an expert on Wahs, but it sounds like you need the Dunlop crybaby. as for the footswitch, you could probably build it yourself. they're pretty simple (depending on your amp) some just need you to close the circuit to change channels, so try check out that stuff online before you fork out 50$ for a channel switcher (or have someone else fork out 50$ for a channel switcher for you)
If your after a footswitch, and you dont want to build for whatever reason, get a no name brand footswitch but check the connections are the same ande stuff first.
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