what are you getting for christmas??

im getting a fender acoustic guitar and a keyboard.
Hack up her body, put it in plastic bags, and dump it in the woods. This will get you a laugh 9 times out of 10.

So, how are your iPods and your games, and your $200 jeans this Christmas. I got a ceramic horse.

Exo M6

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a copy of black ice.. :|

Anyway, I'm getting a bunch of albums and a Wii (not just for me, It's a joint gift for me and my sisters).
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Hopefully a decent guitar to replace my current piece of ****. Probably an epiphone les paul or a washburn idol.
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Hopefully a decent guitar to replace my current piece of ****. Probably an epiphone les paul or a washburn idol.

same here :]
Marshall Jackhammer, Vans. I also got an Ibanez V70 Acoustic early =D
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New BC Rich Guitar ?!
Why would you want a guitar that similtanously scratchs your arse, picks your nose and kills the guy next to you

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ipod speakers, cannabil corpse album, iron maiden album, bulk clothes n $$ from rellies
i dont know. my mother made me something, and its under the tree right now. its about one pound, 12x12x3 inches, and isnt any kind of clothing. its tearing me up inside.

and other stuff......
I have no opinion on this matter.
Glastonbury ticket.

Also new tyres, a new timing belt, a service and tax for my car. I've already had all of them except the tax, which is due on the 31st.
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Man that's badass.

I'm getting a searchbar

(Just kidding) My new MIM strat arrived the other day. I cant play it till Xmas day though

I'm gonna replace the bridge PU with a SD HotRails soon.
Money. I don't want my parents to waste money on a present that I probably won't like.
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... Guitar Hero : World Tour full band pack, Rock Band 2 game, alot of clothes aaaaaaand random stuff I guess. ;p

Yes, I'm just cool like that.
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GH world tour guitar solo pack
Lime iPod nano
CD's, DVD's, Clothers etc.

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