I need some advice.

I have been playing my first regular gig at a bar for the last few months, I sing while accompanying myself on the acoustic guitar and I need to know some really cool songs to play that are not often done solo acoustically, or by a guy.

Initially I was playing usual stuff like pearl jamm, green day, live, RHCP etc. Though recently I have tried to become a bit more adventurous, playing songs like Hyperballad by bjork, or fight for your right by the beasties, and for some reason, whenever I now play Allanis Morrisette's you oughta know, the crowd really react. They like hearing songs "not normally done acoustically", or after I started singing time after time by good ol' cindy they say they like songs "not usually sung buy a guy".

Anoyone know any good songs sing with the acoustic that are "not normally done"? Though apt at singing I would say that my guitaring is intermediate, so need something more chordal based than melodic or intricate.

Really appreciate any help from anyone.
Do you know the band The Almost? Even the electric guitar songs of theirs sound great on acoustic guitar and aren't well known.
Try bowling for soup they done some acoustic covers of their regular songs you can wach
it on youtube under Bowling For Soup KDGE and WFMF Webcam concert .
Its great if you like that sort of music
If you want a few acoustic songs not well known, you can try:

Edguy - Forever
Edguy - Scarlet Rose
Sonata Arctica - Mary Lou
Yeah, all sounding good. its ok, even preferrable, for the song to be quite known, though just not often done by a dude with just a guitar, you know?

It would be nice if they were covers of female artists, jsut to give me the real freedom of making it my own version.

Thanks all for their replies, I will look into everything suggested.
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