My band are starting to play more live but I notice more now that I get a ringing in my ears after shows and sometimes rehearsals.

It doesn't bother me if ringing is all I get, I like to be able to hear the real thing like not a dulled version of it

... but I don't won't t damage my hearing or go deaf because music is so important to me.

I was thinking about getting some sort of earplugs but I want some that aren't really horrible and that look ok, if it is damaging my hearing.

Any help in this?

I use similar to above.

That ringing is tinnitus. Don't let it get worse.
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I always use earprotection during band practice because in a small space the sounds gets really loud, especially if you're standing close to the drummer. With gigs I usually don't use them since a stage is much bigger and the actual sound on stage usually isn't that loud since it's an open space and you are standing much further away from each other.
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tinnitus is not fun, i had it for 6 months, im very lucky it stopped, i mostly had to sleep with music on so i wouldnt hear that damm annoying ringing, so i suggest you buy earplus before it come worse
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I notice a bit of ringing for like an hour or so after a really loud jam or going to a concert. Try to not stand directly in front of your amp, but definitely for gigging invest in some ear plugs.
You'l get used to it once the ringing is permanent
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Loud noises kill outer hair cells. Outer hair cells don't really pick up sound so much as they allow for fine tuning of particular frequencies, especially frequencies that make up speech. If you lose them, you won't go deaf, but you'll lose the ability to distinguish certain sounds from other ones and language will sound garbled. And they don't grow back. The ringing noise is what happens when your outer hair cells try to protect the rest of your auditory system from damage, and it can be either temporary or permanent. Earplugs are annoying, but if you don't want to kill your OHCs, wear them.
you want something like this where the attenuation is constant over the whole frequency range. most earplugs probably dont do that, so you lose sound definition because you arent hearing everything at an equal volume. you probably lose some attenuation value when you get flat response, but for a band setting flat response is crucial.
Keep this in mind. You destroy the hairs with sudden loud noises. When you slowly bring the volume up to a loud level, your ears actually retract the hairs to prevent them from being destroyed (it seriously looks like pictures from before and after an atomic bomb explosion). I'm not saying loud sounds don't hurt your ears this way, it just prevents about 90% of the damage in comparison to a sudden loud sound, such as standing next to a china cymbal.

Those rubber earplugs jof recommend works great. My complaint is that they're a bit uncomfortable.
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push comes to shove you can do what Paul Gilbert and Brad Delson do; grab some headphones and slap em on! They both have headphones that cut the Decibels their ear actually hears or something like that, so it makes playing on stage much more standable...or something like that.
i have tinnitus and it isnt fun. it isnt too bad, but if im sitting quietly i hear a ringing and i can usually make it stop. you dont want to get this or if you have it let it get worse. as mentioned above get some sort of ear plugs. i dont wear any on stage, because the sound is more spread out and its much less time, but during practice i pay 5 bucks for a pack of 12 pairs or plugs. they help so much.