I have a Ibanez rgr321ex with crap pickups and bad tuners. Should i change them and make my own guitar or buy a new guitar like a used rga121? if i buy a new guitar it wont have the best pickups so changing mines would be better? Im using a pod xt live will pickups make a difference with that unit? Should i go active or passive? Mainly metal neoclassical shred stuff.
With that gear, new pickups won't make enough difference to be worth it. You'll be better off getting a new guitar, really.
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Well, if the original guitar had some sentimental connections with you, get new active pickups. But if you are all for performance get a new guitar altogether. Just calculate the cost yourself. If you change the pickups on your current guitar, it might not perform as well as a newer guitar with lower end pickups. The body of the guitar counts as well.