Ive been playing the guitar for about 6 months now, Ive never had a lesson, i know all the open chords, and i can Barr and play power chords and things with no problems. i can look at a tab and play it. Finger picking and more classical music is what i like, but the problem is right now i feel like a monkey that's been taught a trick, I can play a song i see in a tab, but i can't PLAY a song i hear or a song i like unless it is laid out in front of me in a tab and explained.

What can I do to really help me learn to play the guitar.
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Simply wait. The development of a good ear needs its time. Play and practise, and one day you'll learn it.
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scales, i learnt a few, now i can work out almost all the music i listen to by ear
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Being a noob myself, I find one note from a said song (say the first note/chord played), then from there I figure out where the other notes in comparison to that. Sometimes I find it really easy other times I find it quite difficult.