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Yes you heard me. I've got very important exams coming up in 3 weeks and i put the pro in procastinate.

I mean i got up this morning at 7am and was ready to work by 8. I thought i'd just check my emails quickly before i started, and next thing i know its 1pm and all i have acheived is a +56 youtube viewcount, a fap, and several luls from the pit. ::type

I've heard that you can get a program that puts like a curfew on the internet, so you can't use it between certain times. This would be perfect. Does anyone know of any providers?

And i already thought about disconnecting my connection, but it would be to easy to plug back in.

Someone please!

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There's probably some sort of parental control programme that will do that. Or just get really drunk and hide your computer somewhere
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There are things built into your router which you can set up to block access.
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Turn it off.

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but it would be to easy to plug back in.

Are You Shpongled..?
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Use will power.

... what is this... wil..willpower of which you speak?..
Are You Shpongled..?
Just cancel your subscription.
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... what is this... wil..willpower of which you speak?..

I dunno lol. :P
Take a pair of wire cutters to your ethernet cable.
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Leechblock allows you to put all the sites you waste tnme on into it and block them for a specific length of time while you get work done.
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give your computer(s) to a family member or trusted friend and tell them you need to study without the distraction. They can give it back after your tests.

I do the same think...surfing the web until the last minute where I then do my work and study...
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Use will power.

Try this.
If you use some kind of blocking program you're just gonna disable it if you wanna go online. Or have someone else create the password, that'll also work
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get at&t wireless internet, the connection seems to have a mind of its own and loves to shut off whenever it wants to xD
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Yeah, he got banned for some reason... What did he do? And was it a permaban?
I just found it too..
Lol he was kind of random in his reporting threads.
I report threads too, but only when they deserve it... He was just dumb
Little known fact: If you type "Google" into Google, the internet will implode.
Get an iron mouse and wire it to the mains
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We could just go back 20 years previously and kill everyone that had anything to do with the building of SkyNet but that probably wouldn't be entertaining.
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Little known fact: If you type "Google" into Google, the internet will implode.

Implode wtf?!

But seriously, there is addon for firefox that blocks certain websites, but UNINSTALL internet explorer or you can just reach the website from there
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Anybody besides me here think there's some HUGE red button to push and the whole internet turns off or implodes in itself?

I think there is.
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Unplug your modem, give it to a friend and tell him not to give it back until exams are over.
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I have the internet here:

But you can't turn it off, it's wireless.
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